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Dirty Stash Cold Process Shea Butter Soap Review

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Image: Shea Soap by Dirty Stash, used with permission from Georgia Carter

Image: Shea Soap by Dirty Stash, used with permission from Georgia Carter

I am becoming a Dirty Stash junkie. I love the Clove Remineralizing Toothpaste that she makes, and so I tried some other products. I don’t usually write product reviews, but her stuff is awesome, and I’m all about helping a home-based business thrive.

So, I bought the Cold Process Shea Butter Soap Frosted Cranberry scent. The first thing I noticed was the size. I was expecting a little bar that would be gone soon. What I got was a fairly substantial brick of soap. It was so big that I cut it in half and have one part in the bathroom and one part in the kitchen.

I had tried Stash’s glycerine soap and didn’t like the way it made my skin feel. This soap however, is very nice. It has a good lather, it smells nice, and the scent isn’t heavy and doesn’t cling to my skin for too long. I feel both clean and soft after using it. Eric even likes it and says it’s pleasant and not too girly.

The soap came in a nice fabric sack too. It took me forever to get the knot untied so I could get at the soap, but the bag is a cute touch and Stash suggests using it for when the soap gets really small. I might do that, or reuse the bag for something else.

I love that this soap is made from all natural ingredients and not tested on animals. Georgia also is a lovely lady, and is superb with customer service. The fact that she made me a custom toothpaste impressed me, and she’s been friendly and helpful every time I contact her. If you haven’t tried any Dirty Stash stuff, what are you waiting for?

*Note* I was not paid or compensated for this review in any way. I’m just a huge fan.

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