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Turning a Bad Morning Around

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Image: Public Domain, Pixabay

Image: Public Domain, Pixabay

I wake.

Darkness penetrates, existing even before consciousness takes hold. Pushing, stabbing, talking in circles, it demands attention. See me! Hear me! Feel me! Like an insolent child it whines and stomps unseen feet of hate. Pounding fists against my mind it demands notice.

I breathe. Deep and slow. Inhale… Exhale… No. This is not my mind. These are not my thoughts. These are the rantings of madmen and killers, of the jaded and broken. These are the thoughts of the lost masses, the scared children of the Earth.

Inhale… Exhale…

Like an eraser on a blackboard, I wipe away the scrawl, the foul words born from lifetimes of hate and loss, confusion and struggle. Like a swimmer parting water I push aside the tides of faithlessness, of anger and of bitterness.

I turn my face to the light. The cool-warm glow of all that is and ever will be touches my skin like a velvet hand of pure love. I breathe in the glory and the power, the wisdom and the love. The vastness of it fills my lungs, bleeds through my body like sweet watercolor light. I smile.

Inhale… Exhale…

My mind’s eyes open and the darkness is relegated to the shadows. I see myself, spirit inhabiting a semi-solid form. I am not human, not a simple static body. I am connected to the All, to the air and land, the trees and birds and the very fiber of reality. I glow like brightest moonlight, the brilliance of godform seeping through skin, made viewable to the human eye.

Inhale.. Exhale…

My real eyes open and again I smile. Once more I have conquered the demons the sheep so fear. Again I have embraced the truth I know in my heart and let it lift me. I can face another day.

I’ve felt a need to be more creative lately, so that was me using my skill for creating images with words. That’s what it’s like for me when I wake up with negative thoughts in my head. That’s how I get myself back on track when the darkness gets too much. I hope you enjoyed it.

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