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I Won’t Give You My Energy

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Image: Public Domain, Pixabay

Image: Public Domain, Pixabay

I do all I can to be a good, positive, helpful person. For the most part, what I see as a result of that is positive, encouraging and inspiring. However, there are some people out there who are bound and determined to rain on everyone’s parade. They are negative, confrontational, angry, and they believe that they’re not only right, but better than other people because of their views and ways of being.

When these people direct their venom outward through comments here or on FaceBook, through thinly veiled attack posts or through conversations we hear about second hand, it hits my heart. It hurts to see people being so angry and negative and hurtful. It’s not even when they’re doing it to me, it’s that their hearts and minds are so damaged that they feel the need to think and act as they do and put that into the world at anyone.

I find it difficult to not be affected by it some days. However, that’s exactly what I need to do. I need to ignore the naysayers and negativity spreaders. I can’t let them take my energy. That’s what they want. If they can hurt me, drag me down, make me cynical and bitter, then they win. I won’t let them win. Ever.

I already ignore most of what I see. It’s not worth my time trying to teach pigs to sing. It’s also not worth my time to argue with them. I disconnect on Bubblews and FaceBook too. It’s too bad I can’t make it go both ways. I’d be perfectly happy if a few people out there would just forget that I exist. But I suppose this is part of the package. When you become strong in your views and beliefs, when you start having an effect on the world, someone’s going to come along and try to take a dump on it.

I need to just focus on myself and what I believe. I’m not going to ever become a victim of the negativity again. [laughs] I just got this crazy idea… I think from now on whenever someone says something negative or hurtful or tries to get me riled, I’ll just virtually hug them. That makes me smile just thinking about it. I could just hug them and let them know that I see their pain, and I wish them love and healing. It might make them see the error of their ways, or let them know they didn’t get to me, or annoy the crap out of them and make them go away. Sounds good no matter how you look at it. [smiles]

I’ll just have to make it a different hug so people don’t get it confused with *hug*, which is real love. Hmmm… >hug< That’ll work. [grins]

I’m feeling better already. Take that Negative Nellies! You can’t keep this girl down! Hoo-ah!

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