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The Interesting Synchronicity Between My Writing and Real Life

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Posted by / August 8, 2013 / 0 Comments

Image: Public Domain, Pixabay

Image: Public Domain, Pixabay

Eric and I noticed something interesting today. I wrote most of the Wisdom Bites series months ago. I’m just doing final edits and posting them to Bubblews now. However, there seems to be an undeniable synchronicity between what’s going on in my life and the lives of my connections and friends, and the particular bits of wisdom that I’m posting.

It’s almost like there’s a greater plan in play. For several days the posts that have gone up related to things that I or people I know are experiencing. As if some greater hand was deciding when certain posts go out into the world so they do the most good. sometimes they remind me of lessons I need to be taking to heart, and sometimes they’re perfect for others I know who are going through something.

It’s really interesting to me. I do have my faith and I don’t really believe in coincidences. Just this morning I got up praying for a good solution to a problem but preparing for hell. I guess the universe heard me, because the best-case scenario is the one that played out. Then we noticed my posts lining up with what I and some other people we know need to remember right now.

Some people would say that’s it’s just coincidence and means nothing, but I believe otherwise. It actually makes me feel better about what I’m doing. I love helping people to grow and heal, and I love inspiring the world. These kind of events just strengthen my resolve to keep going, and that what I’m doing is right.

I think our will has a lot to do with the way things happen. I believe it’s totally possible that my own desire to help and guide people and my desire to have things work out for the best actually affect the outcome of my life. When my heart and mind are in the right place, the universe lines everything up for me. With that belief in my heart, I see the near future getting much brighter for myself and some of my friends.

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