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Writing as a Form of Magic

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Image: Public Domain, Pixabay

Image: Public Domain, Pixabay

Most people have never thought of this, but I think it’s an interesting topic. Some people believe that they can perform magic with online writing. There are a few different methods that I’ve seen or heard of people trying.

One method some people believe in is writing about what they want. If, for example, you write positive articles about healing from various health issues, and therefore keep your focus in that area, the writing would act like a magnet, drawing healing to you.

Another is reinforcement. Let’s say you want to make more money at your job, so you write frequently about how much money you’re making at your job and hopefully the repetition of the idea causes you to make more money at your job. (This method and the one above may have the side-effect of bringing the goal to the reader as well as the writer.)

Others also believe that by using certain key words and phrases they can get the user to do something, like buy a product. Particular words and phrases are used again and again throughout the text in an attempt to subtly convince the reader to perform the action desired by the writer.

Another method it to hide “subliminal” messages on a site. The owner uses either a transparent image with text that is barely discernible from the background color or text that is nearly the same as the background color. Sometimes words are hidden within graphics. These messages are placed around the site in the hopes that the user’s brain will catch the message but their conscious mind will not. Typically the goal is to get the reader to complete an action, like buying a product.

Do you believe in these methods? Have you ever tried any of them? Would you?

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