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Facial Piercings – Wear Band Aids or Get Fired

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Image: Public Domain, Wikimedia Commons

Image: Public Domain, Wikimedia Commons

My recent piece on tattoos got me to thinking about other body adornments, namely piercings. I have 7 piercings myself, and I have considered getting more. Like tattoos, I don’t think piercings should affect your ability to get or keep a job, but not everyone shares my views.

I remember going into a gas station when I was living in Pennsylvania and seeing the attendant’s face covered in Band-Aids. she had one over her left eye, another under her bottom lip, another on the side of her nose. I couldn’t help myself, I had to ask “What happened to you?”. She looked puzzled at first, and I gestured to the bandages.

She huffed and rolled her eyes before telling me that it was company policy. If you had piercings anywhere but the ears, you had to either remove them or cover them with a bandage while at work. We both rolled our eyes at the idea of Band-Aids being less offensive to look at than piercings. I tried to make her day a bit better by letting her know that I wouldn’t have been bothered a bit by seeing her piercings. She smiled.

It’s just as bad in my mind as being looked down on for tattoos. Piercings are just personal decoration and you shouldn’t have to consider that in most jobs. I’ve never been bothered by seeing clerks, waitresses or anyone else with tattoos or piercings. It doesn’t change who they are or affect their job performance.

As for the bandages thing, that was just silly. I’d think they’d encourage flesh plugs instead. Flesh plugs are silicone or plastic retainers that keep the piercing open, but can be bought in flesh tones or some look like a small, flat mole. Those would look better than a bandage (or several) across someone’s face. But again, I’d be fine seeing the piercings.

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