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Beating Your Own Drum: Why Masturbation Isn’t Evil

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Image; Public Domain, Clker

Image; Public Domain, Clker

Many people think that masturbation is wrong, and serves no real purpose. I’d like you to think about the reasons why taking matters into your own hands might be a good idea.

Religious extremists would tell you that pleasuring yourself is a sin, and a reprehensible act. Much of society doesn’t want to talk about it, even though so many people do it. Aside from just generally achieving release without a partner, are there other good points to masturbation?

One benefit of masturbation is the ability to know your own body. Not only can you learn what feels good and what doesn’t, you can experience pleasure without the pressure or awkwardness of having a partner. Whether one uses their hands or adult toys, it allows a person to learn their preferences and limits in comfort and privacy.

You can also become more aware of your health through self-pleasure. Much like breast self-exams keep you aware of your health, masturbation will make you more aware of your lower regions, and you are more likely to notice a problem than someone who does not touch themselves.

Masturbation can also keep people from having sex. Teens in particular have raging hormones, and need release. Masturbation, whether solo or with a partner, can be a substitute for regular intercourse, and thus reduce promiscuity, pregnancy and STDs. In adults, self-pleasuring can prevent infidelity and promiscuity, since it allows one to achieve gratification without a partner.

Studies have been done which suggest that men who view pornography and masturbate are less likely to commit sex crimes, since they are able to achieve release on their own. Repressed males with no outlet for their urges are far more likely to frequent prostitutes and commit rape. Women who have a healthy relationship with their own bodies are also less likely to have multiple partners, thus reducing their risk for STDs, pregnancy, and becoming the victim of sexual crime.

It seems that there are for more arguments for masturbation than there are against it. Those opposing the activity are doing so from a strictly moral standpoint, and are not seeing the mental, health or societal benefits. There are many reasons why pleasuring yourself is a good idea, other than the obvious one.

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