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How to Make a Million Dollars in a Year

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We’d all like to be rich, so here is a list of ideas that you could try to use to make a million dollars in a year. Even the ones that seem funny might work. You never know, so give it a shot!

1. Collect 100,000,000 pennies from sidewalks, pockets, sofa cushions and friends.

2. Collect 20,000,000 nickels, as suggested above.

3. Set up a kissing booth. Sell 10,000,000 kisses for $0.10 each.

4. Set up a lemonade stand. Sell 500,000 glasses for $0.50 each.

5. Write a story. Sell 4,000,000 copies for $0.25 each.

6. Write a book. Sell 200,000 copies for $5.00 each.

7. Make 1,000,000 friendship bracelets and sell them for $1.00 each.

8. Write 100 articles and promote them until they make $10,000 each.

9. Write 1000 articles and promote them until they make $1,000 each.

10. Contact 10,000 people. Convince them to each give you $100.00.

11. Put 200 designs up on a Print on Demand website. Promote them until they each make $5,000 in commissions.

12. Shine shoes for 500,000 people. Charge them $2.00 each.

13. Collect 250,000 nice stones. Sell them as “wishing stones” for $4.00 each.

14. Design 5000 really good websites for people. Charge $200 each.

15. Combine any 2 of these ideas and do half as much of each.

16. Combine any 4 ideas and do ¼ as much of each.

This list might seem funny, obvious, or even totally useless. The whole idea here is actually to get people thinking about the things that they can do to make money in these current hard times. A lot of people are struggling, and you need to think outside the box to try to bring in the money you need.

I know all too well what it’s like to be without a car and lacking the degrees that people want in order to get a job that pays enough to live on. So, I started looking into all sorts of ways to make money from home. I write, make art, sell things, sell my services, I do all sorts of things. Am I a millionaire yet? No. Can I get there? I believe I can. You need to have ideas and faith that you can make them work, and I have both. I think we can all do better if we just try. Times are tough, and a lot of folks are needing to do unusual things to make ends meet. You never know, you could make a full-time business out of a kissing booth or a shoe-shine stand. Stranger things have happened. Maybe if you think about all the silly ways you could possibly make money, you’ll stumble onto a brilliant idea that will make you a fortune, or at least enough to survive on.

Keep your mind open, and have some fun thinking of all the ways that you could make money. (Legally, of course.) You never know what amazing idea you might come up with. Brainstorm with friends, maybe together you can come up with a profitable joint venture. Have some fun, and best of luck!

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