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Cooking and Sewing: Why Men Should Have the Skills

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Image: Public Domain, Pixabay

Image: Public Domain, Pixabay

For much of history, cooking, cleaning and mending were “women’s work”, and not something men bothered with. However, there’s no real reason for this to be true.

Why should a man know how to cook, clean, mend clothes or do laundry? Well, first off, there’s not always going to be a woman around to do it for you. If you think you’re going to go straight from mama to a good little housewife, think again. Life doesn’t always work that way. You may end up single and living on your own for quite some time. You’re going to need to be able to clean up after yourself, cook things that don’t go in a microwave, and sew on your own buttons when they pop off.

Another reason? In this day and age, more and more women are working. They’re not staying home like they used to, so they simply don’t have the time to take care of their own needs, and a man’s too. So even if you have a woman in your life, it’s no guarantee that she’s going to do all the housekeeping for you.

Want one more? Women like guys who can take care of themselves. Very few of us are interested in hooking up with a guy that needs to be mothered. We don’t want to have to do everything for you. And a guy who can cook? We love that! It’s wonderful to have a guy that can cook a real meal, at least from time to time. Seriously, do you think it’s going to impress a girl when all you can serve her is TV dinners, and your bachelor pad looks like a dump?

Honestly, it’s just common sense to be able to take care of yourself. You should be able to cook a few basic meals, know how to keep a house clean, be able to sew on a button and fix a hem, and be able to manage your own finances.

If you’re a guy reading this and you don’t have these skills, get them fast. It’s going to be a blessing in the long run. And if you think that knowing how to cook and clean is “gay”, please smack yourself upside the head and get a clue. If you’re a mom, teach your boys these basic skills, so they can take care of themselves. A lot of guys who can’t do any of this, are that way because of mothers who taught them that only women cook and clean. A smart mom prepares both her daughters and sons for life on their own.

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