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Sex in America: We Love It, We Hate It

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Image: Public Domain, Pixabay

Image: Public Domain, Pixabay

I was watching a show on IFC last night, and it got me to thinking about some things. I really don’t understand America’s obsession with, and at the same time, hatred for, sex. It’s ridiculous really. Sex sells and everyone’s buying, but at the same time everyone’s complaining about it.

There are mobs of people screaming about celebrities and singers trotting around in nearly nothing, or nothing at all, portraying sex objectified, and yet that’s what media is all about these days. All the women are turning into walking coat-hanger trollops, with the liposuction and the Botox and the silicone and the anorexia, and the men are just woman-chasing scum, and yet people keep screaming about the moral decline in society. People need to decide what it is they really want. Do they want the sexualisation and objectification, or do they not?

And think about this for a moment… In European countries, sex is no big deal. Young people are not taught to feel dirty about their bodies or their sexuality, prostitution is a legal, regulated business, and there is a lot less hoopla over sex, and a lot less sexual crime in those places. Women don’t walk the streets looking like tramps, even the prostitutes dress more decently than the majority of American women. I don’t know why this country hasn’t taken the cue from other areas, and removed the taboo of sex. Why are kids so promiscuous? Well, first off the media sexualizes everything, and our youth is told don’t have sex, wait for marriage, practice abstinence, and yet sex is in their face every moment of every day. If you keep telling people that sex is wrong and bad, it’s just going to make the idea that much more provocative to them. If we taught our kids to be more responsible about sex, and more comfortable about their bodies and their sexual identity, they wouldn’t feel so much need to be out doing this thing that everyone thinks they shouldn’t be doing. It’s much like drinking, in countries where kids of 11 & 12 are having a glass of wine with dinner, and being taught that alcohol is no big deal if enjoyed responsibly, those kids aren’t growing up to be worthless alcoholics, due to overindulgence caused by the need to break the rules and do what they’re told not to.

I have always been a firm believer in the idea of teaching young people to understand their bodies, be comfortable with their bodies, their sexuality, their sexual identity, and teaching them personal responsibility. Telling a kid to just “say no to sex” is not the answer. They’re going to wonder why it’s not allowed, and they are going to find out. Whereas if we taught them the reasons why sex at a young age is not wise and about sexual responsibility, contraception, disease prevention and protection, they would grow to be sexually responsible adults. But parents are too bloody lazy for that. The media wants to make millions off the American obsession with sex, and parents and religious groups want to ban it all so they don’t have to take the time to properly educate young people. It’s easier if “unpleasant” and “unsavory” things just aren’t there, than it is to have them expressed openly, and have people properly educated about them. It truly disgusts me.

One of these days, I really hope America will get a clue and stop playing both sides of the fence, and start taking responsibility for the content of media, and the proper education of our children. You can’t have it both ways forever. Wake up and smell the lube people, sex has been here since the beginning of time, it’ll be here ’til the end of time, so get used to it, stop making a big deal about it, and start trying to find solutions that really work.

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