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Dare to Dream: In a Perfect World

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Image: Public Domain, Pixabay

Image: Public Domain, Pixabay

What Would it Be like If We Could Create a Perfect World? Some of this article is humorous, but much of it is not. Here’s what things would be like if I could create my idea of a perfect world.

In a perfect world:

Teachers, firefighters, police and military would be paid more than athletes, singers and actors.

Men would always say excuse me after belching or passing gas, and would use air freshener when appropriate.

Stale but not yet spoiled food from restaurants, vendors, grocery stores and convenience stores would be collected each day and given to the poor rather than thrown in the trash.

Instead of being destroyed, unsold and overstocked books would be donated to libraries and schools around the country.

Women would never go out in public without underwear, and no one would show a “plumber’s crack”, as both would be offenses for which you could be fined.

Taxes would be based on your income, so the poor would pay less and the rich would pay more.

Halloween would be a week-long costume extravaganza.

Sexuality would be a non-issue, and any couple could marry whether straight, gay or bi.

Gender would become meaningless, and all people would be treated equally whether male, female or other.

Reality TV shows would actually have to be real, with no acting, back-stage influencing or other trickery.

Things like getting drunk, going into rehab, hitting yourself in the genitals and making a fool of yourself in public would not make you more famous or popular.

Parenting would be a licensed activity. Having a child without parental training and psychological evaluation would be illegal.

Donation lots would be set up in every neighborhood. Instead of throwing used but still good items in the trash, they would be donated, and members of the community could pick up items for free, up to a set daily limit.

All fast-food restaurants would have a prominently displayed sign that reads: “If you like junk food, come on in! If you’re too stupid to eat responsibly, or you’re going to whine about how our food makes people fat, please go away.”

Politicians would work to help the people, not themselves. Personal agendas would never come into play, as all issues would be for the good of the American people.

America would stop butting into every other country’s business, and take care of it’s own. Our reduced arrogance and self-righteousness would help the rest of the world hate us less.

All American companies would hire only American workers. Outsourcing would cease to exist and more Americans would have jobs.

In addition to the stop of outsourcing, aptitude testing would be instituted for all jobs. This would allow people with experience but no degree to get jobs. Unemployment in America would drop to almost nothing.

I could go on, but I think that’s enough to give you an idea or two and get people thinking. You never know, maybe my idea of the perfect world is your idea of one too.

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