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Writing a Different Kind of Celebrity News

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I know there are people here who write celebrity news and repeat news stories. Some people enjoy that and others don’t. Bubblews has a vision of uniting people and sharing world-changing ideas, and it got me to thinking about how celeb and news writers might be able to take a different turn with their work.

What if, instead of just writing about the antics of whatever celebrity, you looked for positive celebrity news? Look for and write stories about celebrities doing good for the world. Maybe they donated one of their cars to charity. Maybe they’re raising money for hungry people. Find the good that celebrities are doing and report on that, rather than who got drunk and flashed their hoo-ha to a camera or who got arrested.

When it comes to world news, the same could be done. Instead of repeating what everyone already knows about the latest natural disaster, maybe write about the person who rescued neighborhood pets so they could be reunited with their owners. Or the person who put a power strip out their window so people could charge their phones. Write about the positive aspects of what’s going on in the world rather than just repeating what the news has already aired.

Now, I know that finding the good stories and writing about them would take more research and more time than the other stories. However, you’d be providing valuable content, and that extra work would show a level of dedication and skill that seems to be lacking in the industry. You could also feel good about bringing something positive to the world rather than just creating more of what already exists.

Some might say that people don’t want positive news, and the tragedy and drama sell. They’re partly right, however, there’s a simple fact many people overlook. A lot of people don’t know what they want until someone gives it to them. Combine that with the fact that one unifying factor of humanity is the desire to feel good and be happy, and you have a recipe for rabid fans of positive news.

I’m not saying anyone should stop writing what they write or that they have to change. I am however offering this idea as an option. It may be one some writers have never thought of. It would take a little more work, but it could be well worth it and writers who try could become a whole new niche. I for one would gladly connect to a writer posting positive celebrity news, so if anyone decides to give it a go, let me know, and I’ll probably become a faithful reader.

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