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Do You Need Real Gem Stones?

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Image: Public Domain, Pixabay

Image: Public Domain, Pixabay

his idea ended up on my list after I wrote the post No Diamond This Year? You Don’t Love Me!

I’ve never understood the need some people have for real gem stones. “They’re better” some say. “I don’t want cheap fake stuff” others say. Personally, it’s never made a big difference to me. My wedding set is simulated stones in a stainless steel setting, but it shines and glitters just like real topaz and white gold would. I’m happy with this $20 worth of jewelry. I couldn’t imagine having spent hundreds or thousands of dollars for something that would look almost identical.

Do real gem stones and expensive metals really mean that much? Now, I can understand the metal choice in cases of allergies, but the stones don’t affect a person one way or the other. The value and importance is all in the head of the buyer or the recipient. You can choose to be happy with simulated stones or not. Neither one is really any better than the other.

I also think in terms of the conditions under which many gems are acquired, like diamonds, and it makes me prefer simulated stones even more. I don’t want my jewelry to be associated with violence, slavery or natural destruction. But even with that aside, I think simulated and crystal stones are just as pretty as natural ones. Most people can’t even tell the difference anyway.

Do you care if the stones in your jewelry are real or not? Why does it make a difference to you?

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