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No, I Really Don’t Own a Cell Phone

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I was talking with someone on OKCupid last night, and they asked me about texting, to which I replied that I didn’t own a cell phone. This seemed somewhat shocking to them. It is to most people.

I feel that people are too tied to technology these days. Yes, I make my living online, but I can go days on end without touching a computer. I could learn to live without if I had to. Most people these days act as if having a cell phone is as crucial to their daily life as food or air. Outside of pacemakers and such, there are few devices that we should give such high priority to in our lives.

I used to have a cell phone. We didn’t have a land line, so it was our only phone. I dutifully carried it around so people could contact me, but I never really cared for the “electronic leash”. I also had the most basic model available. I think a phone should make calls, that’s it. Most of the things that people try to do with phones are far better suited to tablets and computers in my opinion.

There came a time when finances became a serious problem. We lost our rental home and had to give up the phone too. That was many years ago. I could afford a phone again now, I just see no reason for it. I’ve lived, oh, four or so years now without a phone? With cell plans and phones costing so much, it seems more hassle than it’s worth. Not to mention it’s just one more thing in my life that could get broken, lost or stolen. I’m perfectly happy without a cellphone. I may have one again someday, but maybe I never will.

It is possible for most people to live without cell phones. They have come to depend on them, but they’re not as necessary as many believe. People did just fine before them, and many can do just fine without them now. Some prefer having no cell phone. They see how sad it is to call your neighbor to talk rather than just walking next door. They feel freer without carrying something along that allows people to bother them all the time. In the end, it’s a personal choice.

Have you ever considered going without a cell phone? Do you think you could learn to do without? Are you one of the few that doesn’t own one even now?

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