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Live Like You’re Always Being Watched

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Camera - Image: Public Domain, Morguefile
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Image: Public Domain, Morguefile

Image: Public Domain, Morguefile

One of my contacts, SandraLynn , posted recently telling people to “pee like everyone is watching”. She was referring to doing the right thing, being clean and so on, as if people could see what you’re doing. I commented that we should all live like we’re on tape. She agreed, and it’s really something worth thinking about.

As scary as it sounds, you actually never know when you’re being recorded. there are cameras monitoring stores, restaurants, banks and all sorts of places. Have you ever considered what you may have been caught doing? I’m not talking about illegal activity, hopefully none of you are doing that. I’m talking about other things.

Have you ever been really rude to a store clerk or another customer? Have you hit your child in public? Have you stuck your gum on the bottom of a chair? have you had a public fight? How would you feel if that ended up on YouTube? How would you feel if others saw you acting that way? You’d probably be embarrassed and ashamed. So why did you do it?

Even if there weren’t any cameras, we should all act as if there are. Imagine living your life as if anything you do might end up on TV or the internet. You wouldn’t be as rude, gross or mean, would you? You’d be a better person. That’s something we should all be doing anyway. However, if you ever question your way of living, just imagine all the monitoring cameras and cellphones that could have captured what you did. Would you want it going viral? If not, it’s probably something you shouldn’t ever do again.

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