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How Do You Change Your Self Image?

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Anyone who’s ever had self-esteem issues or been mentally abused has probably asked this question at one time or another. When those around you have taken so many years to convince you that you are and look a certain way, how do you change your self image so you can see the truth?

As much as I’ve overcome and as good as I’ve gotten about my self-esteem, I still have issues with this. I’ve come to terms with just about everything but my weight. I’m 126.8 right now, a mere 6.8 pounds away from my goal weight, and I still see a fat girl in the mirror some days.

There are days when I look in the mirror and love every curve. I love every part of my body and feel so sexy and beautiful. Unfortunately, not all days are like that. I’m still trying to figure out how to see that every day, and never again look in the mirror and see a fat person. I’d also like to banish the days when I think I have fat cheeks and a big nose.

So far what I’ve done to work on my self image is this: First, I remind myself that the people who called me stupid, ugly, fat and so on were ignorant, hateful people. Their opinions cannot be trusted. People who seek to hurt others that way can never be trusted, and their words deserve no power. Then I try to focus on every part of myself that I do like. Now on the subject of being dumb, that was easy. I have scored 148-153 for IQ, I’m not stupid. I got straight A’s in school and I’ve accomplished a lot. As for my looks, I just focus on the good things. I have beautiful eyes, great legs, pretty hands and so on. I also take care of my hair and skin to help myself feel beautiful.

Those things help a lot, as does having others honestly tell me how attractive, smart and wonderful I am. But there are parts that linger. So how does one overcome those last hurdles so that they can look in the mirror and smile at the awesome, great-looking person who’s actually there?

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