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How Would You Represent Health and Joy?

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Image: Public Domain, Clker

Image: Public Domain, Clker

I’ve made a few meditation videos in the past and I’d like to make some more. I have a plan in mind, but I’m having a bit of trouble with part of it. Maybe you folks out there can help.

I want to make 5 meditation videos. One each for Love, Peace, Health, Wealth and Joy. I need an image to represent each concept. I’d also like to associate a chakra with each one.

Love is easy. Hearts are a universally recognized symbol of love. The heart chakra is the obvious choice to go with it.

Peace will probably use the peace sign. Again, I’m pretty sure that’s universally understood. I figure I’d use the third eye or crown chakra here.

For health I was thinking a caduceus or stethoscope, but those aren’t exactly beautiful. I’m not sure what other image could represent healing. I considered a gender-neutral silhouette of a meditating person as well. What chakra would be best?

Joy is a hard one. All I can think of is a smiley face, but again, not beautiful, and kind of lame. What image represents joy? Which chakra?

Wealth is another tough one. I was hoping to express wealth in all aspects of life, not just monetary. I might have to go the monetary route, but what do I use? I don’t want to use any recognizable money. Is there a chakra associated with wealth?

Do you have any suggestions for what images I could use? I don’t want to use people. I’m trying to keep this as gender and religion neutral as possible. I also need some soothing public domain music to go along with the images and words.

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