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Android Games are Helping My Brain

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Posted by / April 26, 2013 / 0 Comments

I never thought that the games I downloaded to my Nexus 7 would help me the way they have. I got them so I could have fun and maybe work my brain a little. It turns out they’re doing more than that.

I have three games right now. Lexic, which is like Boggle, Pocket Frogs and Cut The Rope. I talked a bit about Pocket Frogs in an earlier post. Cut the Rope is this cute little strategy game where you have to solve motion puzzles to grab stars and feed candy to this adorable little monster named Om Nom. They’re fun games and they do make me think.

What really got me is that they’re helping me dream and meditate too. Say what? Yup. You heard me right. The cute graphics and vibrant colors are actually helping me visualize better.

For a long time my dreams had lost their color and detail. It was kind of like watching TV with bad rabbit ears. You know, through the gray, fizzling static. When I go to bed I may see Om Nom and frogs at first, but then I see vibrant color in my dreams. It’s awesome. This morning I actually woke up in the middle of one of the technicolor dreams I used to be so fond of having. It was like watching TV inside my head.

It’s also helping with my meditation. I’m getting back into working with chakras, but for the longest time I haven’t been able to see the colors or motion clearly. Now I’m starting to see them again, and it’s great. I still can’t hold it very long, but it’s getting better. Who’d have thought that these cute little games could be so good for me?

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