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Why are Self-Help Programs So Expensive?

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Image: Public Domain, Pixabay

Image: Public Domain, Pixabay

Most of my writing is geared toward helping people become better as individuals, and thereby improve the world. I don’t ask tons of money for that. Some people do though.

I know part of it is celebrity status. People make a name for themselves and suddenly they want tons of money to write down a few words or open their mouths. However, the amounts they charge are insane. You’re supposed to be helping people, not robbing them blind.

I’ve seen seminars that cost over $300 per person. Many of the audio or DVD programs cost anywhere from $200 up to over $900. That’s outrageous! If these “gurus” actually cared about people more than their pockets (and they often spread words of decreased materialism) they would never charge so much.

Another thing about the high prices is the fact that most of the people who are down and in need don’t have that kind of money. They’re poor! they will never be able to afford these programs. Even the books often cost $20 or more each, and that’s more than a lot of people can spare these days. Basically, these life coaches and teachers are saying that you only deserve to have their secrets if you’re wealthy enough to fork over the cash. If you’re poor, you’re frelled and you can stay that way.

I believe that a true guru, a true teacher wanting happiness and right for the world should offer their work at reasonable prices. Make money, sure. They need to eat too. But don’t tell me that I need to be less materialistic and that money doesn’t bring happiness while you’re holding your hand out and asking $699.99 for your latest DVD seminar.

That mess is why I stopped being a fan of Joe Vitale. I actually got one of his audio programs, and couldn’t stand it. The price was too high, and he spent every other sentence talking about his houses and cars and money. Hypocrite much? Michael Beckwith on the other hand actually answered a personal FaceBook message I sent him, talked with me for a couple days without charge, and sent me a whole care package of DVDs, CDs and books for free. Now there’s someone who really cares.

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