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Games That Improve Your Brain

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Posted by / April 24, 2013 / 0 Comments

I have been thinking about getting a Lumosity subscription. However, at $70 a year, it’s rather pricey. So, I started looking into the science behind their service, and also other lower-priced options.

It turns out that the science behind Lumosity is sketchy at best. There really isn’t a whole lot of proof that their service will do you any good. it may help, but it’s not going to have mind-blowing, life-altering results. Many people feel that while the games were amusing, it didn’t really help enough to be worth the price.

So I went off and did some other research. It turns out that there are lots of games that are free or cheap and can give you positive effects. Angry Birds can help you with strategy, angles, trajectories and is fun at the same time. Pocket Frogs tests your puzzle-solving abilities and your memory for breeding. Other games can also have benefits.

So I’ve been off looking for other games that might help me out. I’m particularly interested in memory games and word games. I love learning new words, and my memory is where I have the greatest issues. Some kind of fun math game would be cool too, since I’m not as sharp in that department as I used to be.

What games would you suggest? I’m looking for browser-based games or Android apps (I have a Nexus) that are free. I might pay if there is a suite of games or something like that. Mind Games, Greedy Spiders and Lexic are ones I’m already considering. I’d love to hear what games you’ve tried and mind useful and fun at the same time. Just remember, the games need to do something good for the brain, not just be mindless swiping or tapping. Also, please only suggest games you’ve tried and enjoy.


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