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Violent Video Games Are a Good Thing

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Image: Public Domain, Clker

Image: Public Domain, Clker

Every now and again you’ll see a big uprising about violent video games. Someone’s trying to get them banned because some kid went crazy and shot up a school or committed a crime. It’s nonsense. Why? Because games aren’t the problem.

I mentioned in my post about toys that *things* do not cause kids to go bad. Games fit into that. Playing violent video games doesn’t breed violent kids. Bad parenting and lack of education make violent kids. Games, no matter how bloody and graphic they are, are not the problem.

Violent video games are actually a good thing. They can be an outlet for anger and violent desires. I know when I’m ticked off at someone, or at the world in general, slashing through monsters or blowing away bad guys can be very satisfying. I can get my rage out on fictional characters in a virtual world, and no one in the real world gets hurt. After playing, I’m more relaxed and able to cope with life.

A lot of people use games the same way. It’s an outlet and a release. It’s a fun way to get out your frustrations. We’re not all becoming axe murderers and gun-wielding psychopaths. The games aren’t hurting kids either. The games themselves are not the problem, it’s the lack of parenting that’s the issue.

If parents were teaching their kids about the difference between reality and fantasy they’d grow up having more sense. If parents were listening to their kids and getting them help for their issues, they wouldn’t blur that line and take the violence of the games out into the world. If bullying was stopped in schools and kids were taught to love themselves and respect others, they’d be better able to cope on a daily basis. It’s not the games, it’s the people that make these problems.

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