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Why Doesn’t Mouthwash Come in More Flavors?

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Posted by / April 19, 2013 / 0 Comments

I was standing in the bathroom swishing the godawful green mouthwash we have and it made me wonder: Why doesn’t mouthwash come in more flavors?

Mouthwash for adults pretty much comes in green, blue and yellow flavors. They aren’t even mint or whatever they claim to be. They’re just nasty representations of color. Kids get bubble gum flavor, but it doesn’t have the antibacterial and all that grown-ups want.

So why doesn’t it come in more flavors? It’s not like we don’t have the technology. I did see orange flavor out for a very short time, but it seems to have disappeared almost as fast as it appeared. Do the companies think that it needs to taste bad? Do they not consider that if you’re going to have something in your mouth for a whole minute, it ought to taste good?

I’d love to see mouthwash in more flavors. Natural ingredients would be nice too. Like a clove mouthwash. It has bacteria fighting qualities and reduces pain, it would be perfect in an anti-sensitivity mouthwash. There are other herbs that are both tasty and beneficial too.

What flavor would you like to see mouthwash in? Have you ever bought one that had a flavor and was both good and reasonably priced?

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