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I Only Wash My Jeans Once a Month

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I was reading some articles on LifeHacker yesterday and there was a topic asking how often you wash your jeans. The comments on the topic made me want to slap a whole lot of people. They were absolute proof that people don’t read, nor do they think before they go off on other people.

I’m not going to copy the article here, or link to it, you can find it if you want. The basic idea was that they were wondering how often you wash your garments, and how does that affect how long they last. Some people said that they only wash their jeans once a month. People went crazy in the comments, insulting those people, calling them dirty, saying they must stink and how disgusting they were. Obviously those people weren’t paying attention or thinking before they spoke (or typed, as the case may be).

Let me put it in perspective for you. I only wash my underwear once or twice a month. Disgusting! Gross! How nasty! That’s what you’re thinking, right? Now engage your brain and pay attention to the original statement: I only *wash* my underwear once or twice a month. I never said I wear them for a whole month before washing them. If you think, you realize that means I do laundry once or twice per month, which is pretty common.

I wear clean undies every day, I just happen to have enough to get through a few weeks before I run out and need to wash them. I’m not dirty at all, and I don’t smell. Accusations about my hygiene are unwarranted. I only wash my sheets every month or two, but again, I’m not skanky or filthy. I just happen to have enough sheet sets to rotate out several times before I need to do linens.

The point here is that people need to think before they go spouting off insults and stupidity. Read the words carefully. Let your brain engage for a few minutes. Ask some questions so you have all the facts, *then* make your comments and judgments. Quit going off half-cocked when you don’t have a clue what you’re talking about.

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