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Imperfect Doesn’t Mean Unlovable

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A lot of people out there think they’re never going to find love because they’re not “perfect”. The thing is, no one’s perfect, and your imperfections don’t make you unlovable.

No matter what anyone has told you, you can be loved just the way you are. Your flaws and foibles are a part of you, and there’s someone out there who’s not going to hold that against you. Probably many someones. You just need to find them.

Now, I’m not saying that you shouldn’t work on your flaws and try to become a better person. Everyone should be doing that every day of their lives. We should always be growing and improving. What I’m saying is that you don’t need to fix everything before you can find someone to love you. The fact is, you’re never going to be totally fixed. There’s always more to do and change. If you wait for that illusive state of perfection, you’ll be alone forever.

Instead of feeling unlovable, embrace who you are and the fact that you’re working to be better. Know that there’s someone out there for you, and they’ll have flaws too. Together, you can grow and change and become more as a unit and individually. People who are “perfect” and without any personal flaws don’t exist. We all have our stuff to deal with, and often it’s easier with someone there to hold your hand.

Don’t let anyone ever tell you that you need to be someone else before you’ll be lovable. Don’t let yourself be convinced that you have to drastically change before you’re worthy. You’re worthy right now, even if you’re messed up and broken. You can get better over time and you’ll just be more awesome.

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