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Plucking Won’t Make You Bleed To Death

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Old wives’ tales… The bane of many generations. These silly, uneducated myths still manage to survive, and sometimes I wonder how they do.

When I was young, my grandmother had all sorts of cautionary tales. I found the great majority of them to be lies. Well, they were misinformation based on ignorance at any rate. How these things manage to live on when people ought to know better still baffles me.

Contrary to old beliefs, shaving will not make two hairs grow in where one was. Nor will it make the hair grow in any thicker. Waxing and Nair won’t do it wither. Ingrown hairs, sure, that’s possible. Two in one follicle? Not even close.

Plucking hair will not make you bleed to death. I don’t know if anyone else ever heard that one, but grandma said it was so, and that’s why she couldn’t pluck the hairs on her chin. Oddly, her daughters plucked their eyebrows and never died. They just ended up with no eyebrows. Plucking can make the hair not grow back, that much is true.

Tampons are not just for sluts, and you won’t lose your virginity by using them. I bet that one had to come from religious people somehow.

Holding an aspirin between your knees will not keep you from getting pregnant, and putting a hair across your vagina will not split the sperm and give you twins.

What old wives’ tales have you heard that need to go away once and for all? What’s the oddest one you’ve ever heard?

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