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Robot Athletes Could Save People

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Image: Public Domain, Morguefile

Image: Public Domain, Morguefile

I’ve been watching a new show lately called Robot Combat League. It’s kind of like boxing matches where people operate robots that fight against each other. I’m enjoying the show, and it got me to thinking about something that had crossed my mind in the past. I didn’t know when we’d get the technology for it, but it seems like we’re getting a lot closer. The idea I’d had in the past was to have robot athletes.

I’ve never been a big fan of sports, especially the violent ones. I fail to understand how anyone can really enjoy people beating the crap out of one another and causing permanent physical damage to one another. Boxers and MMA fighters often suffer brain damage and other severe injuries that can ruin their career, and sometimes their lives. I always thought, wouldn’t it be great if people could get their violence fix without humans being injured?

Think something like Real Steel. Brutal boxing matches, but it’s hunks of metal doing the bashing. If they get “injured” you can just buy a new part and fix them. You can’t do that with people. Robot Combat League seems to be bringing that idea into reality. People can get their fix of one thing beating the daylights out of another thing, but no people get hurt. I actually hope this takes off and the robots get better.

Of course, I think big and I’ve wondered about replacing humans in other “sports” with robots. Why injure people when you can just let the robots get bashed up? Not to mention the fact that you don’t need to pay a robot several million dollars a year. A robot will never give you attitude and demand more money than it’s worth. If a robot breaks beyond repair, you can just get a new one, your team or brand isn’t dead because of it. If a robot gets too old, you can just get a newer better one.

What’s more, if we started using robots instead of people in sports, it would force the robotics industry forward. Advances would be made, and new technology would result. This could actually be beneficial to people in other ways. We might invent new technology that would help amputees. Perhaps surgical robots (which we already have) could be made better. Lives could be saved by the technology created for entertainment, and the lives of those who once competed in dangerous sports would be saved as well.

Sure, many athletes would be out of jobs, but I’m sure people could find other things to do. They’d be able to live just fine, and the next generation simply wouldn’t be geared toward careers in those fields. We place far too much importance on violence and competition anyway.

Do you like Robot Combat League? Do you think it would be good to replace humans with robots in dangerous sports like boxing?

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