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I’m Not White And Neither Are You

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Posted by / April 11, 2013 / 1 Comments

Image: Public Domain, Morguefile

It may be nothing to most people, but I actually find being referred to as a color rather annoying.

I’m not “white”. I’m a peach-ish/olive-ish sort of color. I’m pale, but not *that* bloody pale. And really, I have *never* seen someone who was black. Seriously dark brown, but never black. I’ve never seen a yellow or red person wither. So what’s with the color labels?

Color and ethnicity labels are just another way of separating people. One more thing to make people feel like they’re not connected. This color belongs with its own and that color with theirs. This ethnicity goes in this box and that one in the other. Why do we even bother with that nonsense anymore?

I think that sections for race should be left off of all forms. Just get rid of it. They say they need to know demographics and all that, but it’s not actually needed. But I suppose it would just throw the world in a spin if we thought of people as just people instead of thinking of them as races and religions. Politicians and marketing specialists would go nuts if they had to direct things to a united human front instead of pitching to this box or that one.

Personally, if it’s not mandatory, I don’t leave racial information on anything. When it is mandatory, I get a little ticked. Honestly, I’m German/Italian/Native American/Irish and heaven only knows what else. Great grandma got around y’know. But alas, they don’t have a tick box for “American Mutt” or “None of your frelling business” on any of these forms. Too bad. They really ought to.

The point here is there are hardly any pure blood people left in the US, and not all that many in the world. Nearly everyone is mixed. Stop worrying about useless labels and just face the fact that we’re all part of the HUMAN race. Ignoring race is just one of the steps we need to embrace in order to create the unity that will save this country, and the world from total destruction.

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    Eric Peacock

    Hooray for mutts! Genetic diversity in action!

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