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The Difference Between Honesty and Rudeness

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Posted by / April 11, 2013 / 0 Comments

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I’m a big supporter of honesty. Unfortunately, a lot of people don’t seem to get the difference between honesty and rudeness.

Being honest doesn’t mean you let anything and everything fall out of your mouth like in The Invention Of Lying. That was taking things too far for the sake of comedy. Honesty should be tempered with tact. It is possible to be honest without being really mean.

I’ve used the example before, but I’ll use it again:

If a woman asks “Does my butt look fat in these jeans?” it’s rude to say “Yeah, you look like a packed sausage.” even if that’s your honest thought. You can tell her honestly that they look bad without being rude though. “That style really isn’t flattering on you.” or “Maybe the next size up would be a better fit.” You don’t have to be an a$$hat to be honest.

Most people have lost the tact portion of their brain. They think being honest means being brutal, hurting people’s feelings. It doesn’t have to. You can tell the truth in a way that’s less harsh. Well, most of the time anyway. And people need to learn to do that. Quit lying. Quit biting your tongue. Tell the truth, just learn to do it in a away that won’t make people hate you as much.

Now, there are a lot of people who can’t take the truth no matter what. I’ve written about that. Just remember, that’s not your problem. Another person’s reactions are not your problem. All you need to do is be the best person you can be. Live *your* life right and let them deal with their own issues. Don’t let other people’s insecurities and neuroses stop you from being a better person.

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