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What’s With the Lame Cracker Jack Prizes?

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I remember a time when Cracker Jacks and cereal had cool toys and such inside. Whatever happened to that?

When I was young I remember getting things like a compass, rings, and other little toys inside Cracker Jacks. When it came to cereal it was awesome. I had a full set of Flintstones erasers, a bunch of Wacky Wall Walkers, a nearly complete set of TaleSpin stampers, glow in the dark stickers and all sorts of fun stuff. Nearly every brand of cereal had a prize inside, and they were fun things to get as a kid.

Then there came a time when prizes started to get lame. I’m not sure when the Cracker Jack “prize” turned into just a crappy piece of paper. That annoys me every time I buy them. I may be an adult, but I miss the cool things I used to get. I’d still collect them if I could.

At some point the prizes in cereal went away. Now it’s: Here’s a picture of this lame thing you can get for your kid if you send in 20 UPC symbols and $9.99 S&H. What? Hell, most of them aren’t even doing that anymore. The days of a toy surprise in the cereal box are gone.

Don’t you miss those? I do. I wish they’d bring them back. We still eat some “kid” cereals along with our “grown up” ones, so it would be a kick to get stuff. I still eat Cracker Jacks too. I bet the kids would love it. Heck there was a time when what cereal I wanted was based on the toy inside!

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