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I Want For Myself What I Want For Others

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Image: Public Domain, Pixabay

Image: Public Domain, Pixabay

Some people wonder if wanting things for themselves means that they’re greedy or materialistic. Some people wonder at the lack and greed mentality of others. I think you may be able to look at yourself in a new light if you ask yourself this: “Do I want for others what I want for myself?”

Greed and materialism are expressed not only by a person always wanting to buy and own things, but also by them feeling that anything another person has is something they can’t have. They feel that they must take and keep things from others in order to have more for themselves.

Here’s an example. Someone’s working on, let’s say, Zazzle. They have a shop set up and are trying to do business. They want success and money. They refuse to help others learn to be successful, and take action to prevent the success of others. They feel that others are “competition” which must be held down or eliminated so that they themselves can prosper. They share neither wealth nor knowledge with anyone unless it increases their own profit. Some would call that smart business, but in reality it is greed and a lack mentality in action.

I take a different view. I want nothing for myself that I don’t want for others. I act accordingly. So, let’s say I want success and monetary gain from Bubblews. I also want others to find success here and in their other endeavors. I don’t see anyone as a competitor. I help others whenever I can. I try to elevate others and aid them in attaining their own success. I know that my good acts will attract people with like minds who will, in turn, help me find my own success.

I also level the field spiritually when I pray. If I ask something for myself, I ask it for all people as well. If I want a lover for myself, I also want a lover for anyone who wishes to have one. When I request healing for myself, I request healing for all people. When I hope for wealth in my bank account, I hope for wealth for all.

I have been working to let go of the lack mentality, greed and competitive thinking. I believe I’ve come a long way. I hope that others will try as well. There’s no need for greed or hurtful selfishness. We can gain more from working together and wanting better for everyone than we can from only thinking of ourselves.

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