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Still Looking for Mr. Right

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Some of you may have caught on to this already, but I’m in a semi-open relationship, and still looking for my other Mr. Right.

That’s right, I’m currently seeking a boyfriend. Actually, I have been for over 5 years. I know, that’s a long time, but unlike the stereotype of polyamorous people, I’m not interested in banging anything that comes along. I take it to the true meaning, I want someone else to love.

I have been looking for a long time, and it kind of baffles me that I haven’t found anyone yet. I’ve had my fair share of suitors, but none of them were right. I have some thing I really need in a partner, and though some really great guys have made their offers, they were missing some crucial aspects.

I need a man who’s a manly guy, you know? I love geeks, but I’ve already got the sensitive side, I need the strong side. Well, balanced, but more the rough and tumble type. Muscles, tall, loves a hard day’s work, that kind of guy. Whether he’s a geek or not doesn’t matter. He just needs to be a good guy. I’ve gotten offers from some really good guys, they were just missing that strong country side.

Oddly, even though I haven’t found anyone yet, the desire hasn’t gone. I still feel like I need and want someone else so I have balance. Eric is still supportive too. It’s funny when I tell him some guy on OKCupid shot me down or ignored me and he tells me what a dumba$$ they are for doing it. [grins] That’s love right there! He knows I’m awesome, and can’t figure out why none of the guys I talk to can see that.

While we’re on this topic, I want to bring up that polyamory isn’t the sex free-for-all that some people think it is. Some people are way more open, but for most polyamorous people, it is about love, not sex. Sex is just the bonus. It’s important, but it’s more important to love the people we’re with. It’s about the relationship. We’re not having mass orgies and crap like that.

Last year I “came out” about my polyamory. I’m going to repost the FaceBook note about it here. It was really long, but I think it is worth sharing so people can understand.

As for my search, it continues. I’ve actually begun using my spiritual practices to help me find that special someone. I believe they are out there, and I will find them. You never know, Mr. Right may even read this post and contact me. You just never know.

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