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If You’re Going to Contradict Me, Do it Well

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I have no problem with people not sharing my point of view. People have the right to believe what they want and live how they choose. However, if you’re going to contradict my beliefs, you need to be able to do it well.

I can handle people respectfully disagreeing with me. I don’t mind if they educate me on their point of view, as a matter of fact, sometimes I ask them to so I can know more. It’s all good like that. What gets me is when people want to argue, but they suck at it.

Sometime people are just rude. They have nothing useful to say, they’re just spouting hate at me because they don’t like what I’ve said or how I think. they swear or just say really mean sh!t. That’s not going to change my point of view or anyone else’s because you’ve just made yourself look like an a$$ rather than someone who should be respected.

Then there are people who try to argue, but don’t know their facts. Either they have half-facts, or none at all. They can’t back up what they have to say. They start off trying to sound like they know what they’re going on about, but one or two questions to them and they fall apart. If you’re going to claim knowledge on a subject, you’d better actually have that knowledge.

Then there are the ones who throw random parts of the bible at you. Gotta love those. Half the time what they quote is meaningless and irrelevant, but they’re all puffed up thinking they won because they pulled a quote out of a book. Whoop-dee-doo for you, you can copy and paste. You’re not winning anything with that, especially when you quote parts that have little or nothing to do with the conversation. It’s even worse when you confront them about their selection, and they can’t explain it or back it up.

If you’re going to bring an opposing view to a conversation, you need to be able to do it intelligently. Know your facts, be able to explain and back up your views, and maintain respect. Failing that will get you nowhere. You’re better off to take your virtual self somewhere else, lest you end up looking the fool.

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