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Kindness Is Not Weakness

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hands-heart pixa“Nice guys finish last.” Haven’t we all heard that? It’s one of those common sayings that is far more harmful than most might suspect.

What that phrase basically tells people is that if you want to win, to get ahead, you can’t be nice. This leads to a world of people who are angry, mean, and hurt each other to get what they want out of life. That’s no way for people to live.

Now, you’re probably thinking “But that comment is true! We see it all the time!” and you’re right in a way. It has become true because people allowed it to be. Everyone heard it and lived by it. We all have a choice to not follow the masses, but most fail to make that choice. People believed that they had to be cut-throat and underhanded to succeed, and so they did just that. No one stops to think about how we could change that.

We really could too. If we stopped rewarding bad behavior, underhanded tactics and illegal activity, “nasty guys” would be finishing last. It is our choice to reward or admonish behavior in others, and whether to embody or refuse it in ourselves. We need to take personal responsibility and make that choice.

You are not weak, “soft” or a “pansy” when you’re kind to people and do the right thing. Caring for people, animals or nature takes far greater strength than anger, hate and disregard. Especially in this current age of negativity and hate. It takes a lot of courage to buck the trend and be a good person. Those who do will always end up better off than those who don’t, even if it is only in being able to lie on their death bed without the burden of shame for a life lived so poorly.

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