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Happy UnBirthday To Me And You

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Posted by / March 25, 2013 / 0 Comments

You know, the older I get the more I think birthdays are silly. Why do we take a day out of every year to remind ourselves and the world that we’re older? After a certain point, birthdays just tend to make people unhappy. Sure, you might get presents, but even then, they often start to be “age appropriate” gifts, and that’s just no fun.

I mentioned it in my Betty White post, but I’m not doing regular birthdays anymore. I don’t want to feel old, and you’re really only as old as you feel. I don’t feel my age. Anyway, I’m more youthful than my years, but far wiser, so the number is really misleading either way.

I’ve also wondered, what do Leap Year babies do? Are they 1/4 the age of people born the same year on a different day? Do they get to act 1/4 their age?

In all seriousness, I don’t know why people bother with birthdays outside of the gifts. I also don’t know why people let certain birthdays get to them. So what if you’re turning 40? It’s just a number, it doesn’t mean anything!! Just have an 11th annual 30th birthday instead. Or heck, have the 20th birthday you never had. Celebrate your “younger than my age” day.

They’re just numbers folks, they really don’t mean anything at all. After 18 and 21, nothing else really matters. Have fun and be as old or young as you want to be.

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