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Respect People Who Work From Home

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Office Desk Computer - Image: Public Domain, Morguefile
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office desk computer morgEven now, with the job scene being what it is, there are still people who treat those who work from home like lepers. They say we need to get a “real” job. Sweeties, I work longer and harder than most people with “real” jobs, and for less pay. Don’t tell me I don’t have a real job!

People who work from home deserve a truckload of respect! Seriously, have you really thought about what it takes for most of us? Sure, some of us love what we do, but it isn’t just a walk in the park! We are everything all at once. Content creator, sales department, advertising, customer service, IT, production… You name it, we’re every employee that a business has, and it’s all in one body. Usually an overworked, under-appreciated body.

Just because many of us don’t leave the house to work doesn’t mean we don’t have real jobs. We put in long hours, bear our heart and soul, work our fingers to the bone for every penny that crosses our path. There are no paid vacations or sick days, there’s no retirement plan, there are no benefits. There’s no one who can cover your shift if you get a broken leg or a hangover. You can’t delegate tasks to the peons below you. There’s no glory of promotion and there’s no gold watch for a job well done. There’s just us and our desire to make it any way we can.

We deserve as much respect, and maybe more, than any nine-to-fiver out there. At least we’re not just sitting on out butts collecting government help crying about having nothing. We’re trying. We’re succeeding. Some are even better off financially and emotionally than the cubicle slaves who look down on them. Don’t give us a hard time. Respect all that goes into what we do, and maybe show us some support.

Do you respect at-home workers? Have you gotten ragged on for working from home?

Image: Public Domain, Morguefile

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