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Stop Playing Games in Your Relationships

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Honesty is the best foundation for any relationship, and is what makes one last. When you’re playing games with your partner, you’re not being honest, and things are going to go badly.

First off, don’t get involved with someone you want to “fix”. If they’re not what you want from the start, don’t make them think they are, and don’t get involved. Find someone who’s right for you.

Never pretend to be something you’re not in a relationship. Don’t pretend to love sports or soap operas if you don’t. Don’t act country if your heart is city. Don’t say you love dogs when you hate them. Don’t pretend to be smarter, dumber or anything else that’s not who you are. When the truth comes out, you’ll regret the deception.

Also, don’t lie about your intentions. If you want a fling, say so. If you’re looking for marriage, say so. If you want an open relationship, say so. Don’t let the other person believe that they’re getting a type of relationship that they’re not.

Overall, just stop messing with people. Be yourself, and find someone you’re into for just who they are. Stop lying and playing head games. You’ll never have a happy, fulfilling relationship until you form one based on honesty and respect.

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