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How to Be Environmentally Friendly and Save Money, Part 1

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If you want to help the Earth and save money at the same time, read this article for tips that are eco-friendly and wallet-friendly at the same time.

Buy energy efficient light bulbs. They cost more up front than regular bulbs, but they use less electricity, and have a much longer lifespan than traditional bulbs.

Buy products in bulk. Not only will you get lower per-unit prices by buying in bulk, you can reduce the amount of packaging that ends up in landfills.

Place a small soda bottle full of water into your toilet tank. You will save water, and money as well if you have a water bill.

Don’t run water while you’re shaving or brushing your teeth. Fill the basin with a small bit of water for rinsing your razor, or only run the water when you need to rinse your toothbrush. You waste less water and save on your water bill.

Instead of using a clothes dryer, dry your clothes outside on a clothesline when the weather allows. You use less electricity this way, and your clothes can get the freshness of the outside air.

Make sure your dish washer or clothes washer are full before running a load. You save electricity and water by doing full loads.

Start a garden at home. If you have enough space in your yard you can have a large garden, or just have potted herbs and vegetables on your porch. You’ll save money by harvesting your own food, and live plants are good for the environment.

Composting is a good way to reduce your trash output. If you compost biological matter like food scraps, you help the environment and reduce waste. You may also be able to sell good compost to local gardeners.

Use reusable bags when you go shopping. They require an initial investment, but you will help the environment by not using trees or polluting the air with bag processing.

Redeem cans and bottles. They get recycled, and in many places you will get paid the deposit of $0.05-$0.15 per item, which can add up if your family consumes a lot of soda or other drinks.

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