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Why Can’t People Follow the Rules on FaceBook?

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keyboard-confused-morgWhy is it that people just refuse to follow the rules on FaceBook and other sites? It really annoys me when I see blatant violations of a site’s TOS. Now, I understand that some of the rules are obscure and you may not know about them until after you’ve spent a couple hours reading all the fine print on the site, but a lot of it is common knowledge, or clearly stated when you sign up.

One of the most obvious ones is that FaceBook requires you to use your real name. They tell you that straight off. So why do I keep seeing names like “Tonk Blink Hoosybell”, “Joe Smith Artist”, Jane Sculptor Doe” or “Mary Sillynonsense Black“? That’s not your real name! Your profession, handle or other junk does not belong in your name. If it’s not on your birth certificate, it doesn’t belong.

FaceBook also says one account per person. So again, why do I see “Jane Doe”, “Jane Doe Painter”, and “Jane Doe Comedian” as profiles. If you need more than one space for all the wonder that you are, that’s what fan pages are for. They’re designed specifically for that!! Get with the program and delete the extra accounts. And no, it doesn’t make it okay if you signed up for each one using a different email, it’s still a violation.

Another one is using a personal profile for nothing but profit. We all share some of what we do for money on our personal profile from time to time, but some people post nothing but one “buy my stuff” promo after another on their profile. I have seen this be especially bad from people who use POD sites like Zazzle or CafePress. You’re not supposed to do that. Again, that’s what fan pages are for. Get one, and post your promos to your heart’s content.

It just really irks me when people break the rules, even when they know better. What’s worse is when they go off on you if you gently inform them that they’re breaking the rules. Like you’re the bad guy! Seriously? I’m trying to save you from being banned from the site forever. Give me a break.

Image: Public Domain, Morguefile

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