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Why Do People Keep Taking Prescription Pills?

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Posted by / March 7, 2013 / 0 Comments

pills-combo-morgHave you ever paid attention to the commercials for most prescription medications? The lists of side effects are not only long, but often worse than the condition you’re taking the pill for. Add to that the constant commercials for lawsuits against these medications, and you have to wonder why anyone takes them anymore.

Now, I know that there are some medications with harsh side-effects that people have no choice but to take if they want to stay alive. However, most of the medications are for conditions you could treat in other ways, like allergies or insomnia. There’s no need to take the prescription medications. And when you look at the side effects, why would you?

If there’s a medication that will clear your sinuses, but will cause nose bleeds, dizziness, vomiting, vision impairment and possible hallucinations, why are you taking it? Aren’t you better off with a stuffy nose? Some will say that you aren’t likely to experience these effects and rarely more than one, but if you do some research, you find that people often experience one or more of them.

People should hit the pharmaceutical companies in the wallet and stop buying these medications until they’re more safe. Better yet, stop buying them and go to more natural cures. The only reason the FDA won’t approve herbal treatments is because they can’t make a fortune off what you could get for free in your back yard. One can easily learn to use herbs and natural ingredients to treat their problems safely.

Do you believe people should depend on prescription pills for common issues? Do you use herbal or natural cures more than prescription pills?

Image: Public Domain, Morguefile

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