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Last Stand Dead Zone – I Never Thought I’d Play an MMO

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Last Stand Dead Zone
Posted by / February 28, 2013 / 2 Comments

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I never thought I’d play an MMO game. I didn’t like the idea of possibly getting killed off be some griefer or having to battle people 20X my level to get what I needed in the +game. I preferred to play regular PC games or Flash games. However, hubby and I were looking for some cool browser games to play, and he came across Last Stand Dead Zone.

He was the one who played it first, then I tried it. It looked cool, so I figured I’d give it a shot, even though I was pretty sure it wouldn’t be long before I got sick of other players and quit. As it turns out, it’s really enjoyable, and the other players aren’t a problem. It’s actually possible to help one another, and I have “friendly”compounds on my game map now.

There was a time when the creator offered 50 fuel to go kill other players. Fuel is rare, so it was a big deal. I got raided 3 times, but my compound was ready and all but one failed. After that challenge was over, people have pretty much stopped messing with each other. I like that. People aren’t just out to kill other players, they’re in it to build up their compound and have fun.

In case you might be interested, LSDZ is a Zombie survival game. You have survivors, and you build your compound up to keep them alive and attract new people to live with you. There is a huge map where you can explore and gain resources. There’s all kinds of building you can do, and lots of Weapons to outfit your people with. There are missions set by the game for you to complete, but you can also just do what you want.

Another great thing about this RPG is that even though there are things you can buy with real money, you lose nothing at all in gameplay by not spending a cent. Unlike a lot of Micro-transaction games that leave you limited and wanting if you don’t spend cash, you won’t miss a thing in Last Stand if you play for free.

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    What you forgot to add is that the developers are money hungry assholes and they will ban any one for doing PVP if the player who is raided is a fuel buyer .

      Briana Blair

      I don’t engage in any of the PVP aspect, so I don’t know anything about that.

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