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Inspiration to Write Comes and Goes

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Inspiration is a funny thing. Sometimes you have it, and sometimes you don’t. It comes and goes like the tides, only far less predictable. You never know when you’re going to do a ton of writing, nor do you know when you’re going to have a dry spell, or how long that spell will last.

Many writers fret over those dry spells. They fight and they rage against them. Creative people want to be creative all the time. Unfortunately, it doesn’t always work that way. Some people are a seemingly constant font of creativity, but most of us have times when we just can’t come up with anything.

What’s funny to me right now is the fact that even though this post won’t go live until February 26th, today is February 18th. This is my 9th blog post in 2 days. Right now, I have a lot in me to write about. I could try to take some notes and write each day, but I prefer to go ahead and write when the inspiration is active and schedule it out. It can get a little weird sometimes because I may want to make an addition to something that hasn’t even gone live yet, or I may post something that seems disjointed by the time it goes live. That’s the way it goes though. I write what I can, when I can.

Part of me is, of course, thinking that I should be working on one of my books instead of the blog, but that’s not where my inspiration is right now. I’m sure more book content will come, it’s just not here right now. So, I make content for the blog. It’s all good. The more posts I have, the more there is for people to find and read. The more people who come to the blog, the more chance there is that they’ll find their way to my books or my art that I have for sale. It all works out in the end.

I think if you have inspiration, you should try to use it when you have it. That’s not always convenient, but if you have the chance, do it. Use it while you’ve got it. Getting out what’s there makes room for more. If you keep it bottled up, there’s nowhere for new ideas and inspiration to fit in. If you can’t make use of the inspiration right away, I do suggest making detailed notes and sketches so you won’t lose it. Again, not always convenient, but do it when you can.

I actually find it annoying that I get a lot of good ideas when I’m trying to go to sleep. I used to keep a notebook by my bed, but that doesn’t really work out anymore. I’ve just learned to let the ideas float off and hope that they’ll come back if they’re good. If it’s daytime though, I do my best to get them out right away. Whether it’s writing or art, I act on it immediately if I can, or at least take notes for later.

The big thing is not to go crazy over the dry spells. They probably won’t last forever. I went for a couple years without writing a single thing and I was certain I’d lost the gift. Turns out it was just on vacation. It all came back to me and I ended up writing more and creating more art than I ever had before. So don’t sweat it, if it’s truly part of who you are, your creativity will always resurface.

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