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Ending Gun Violence: Education Is More Important Than Banning Guns

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Posted by / February 12, 2013 / 2 Comments

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Automatic WeaponSchool shootings always get the media, the government and the public in a tizzy. Suddenly everyone is outraged (again) and wants to wage the “war on guns” harder than before. All anyone can think is “get rid of the guns and it will all go away”. Unfortunately, they’re wrong.

As the old adage says: “If guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns.” I believe it’s a good idea to keep high-powered automatic weapons out of the hands of the general public, but the fact is, criminals will still find ways to get them. When criminals are the only ones with guns, the rest of us are in trouble.

Of course, the bigger issue in preventing gun violence isn’t in banning guns, it’s in proper education and mental health care. Good people don’t go out and find guns and kill people with them. Healthy, mentally stable people don’t go shoot up schools or offices.  People who are sick in body or mind do those things. Lack of guns isn’t going to stop a mentally damaged person from killing. Trust me, they’ll find another way.

The best way to prevent this starts at home. Better parenting would do a world of good to prevent mental health issues that arise from abuse, neglect, bullying and hormonal changes. If parents teach their kids how to deal with anger and resolve issues, they’re less likely to snap. If they’re listening to how their child is feeling and the things they’re dealing with at school, they can help the kid cope, get them counseling and/or take action to change things in their school. Giving the child outlets for their feelings and anger prevents them from taking it out on others in dangerous ways. Being a real parent and knowing their child would allow them to see other mental issues cropping up and get the child help before they lash out at the world.

Schools are also part of the education chain, obviously. Not only do they need to provide a proper level of education so kids can become useful adults, they also need to provide a safe, healthy environment for the students. More needs to be done in the schools to prevent bullying, break down cliques and encourage understanding and acceptance of others regardless of race, religion, financial status or sexual preference. School counselors need to be available and actually help students that have issues. Teachers need to be on the lookout for possible issues and take action to keep peace and safety in the classrooms.

That’s just something that people are missing these days. They think that banning guns is the answer, but it simply isn’t. Most hate the statement, but it’s true when they say “guns don’t kill people, people kill people”. And those people start as kids. We need to get to them as young as possible and provide them with education and caring so that they don’t turn into the kind of people that kill others or themselves. Some issues may arise later in life and cause someone to snap, but more often than not these outbursts arise from long-term suffering. If we took care of our youth properly, they’d be less likely to become damaged and dangerous. If they already are damaged, the signs could be seen earlier and they could be given help.

Instead of waging a war on guns, fight for what really matters: people. Do whatever you personally can to bolster education, good parenting and adequate mental health care. Parent your own children well. Help other parents if you can. Be a friend to a troubled kid. Stop violence at its source. Guns, like knives or fire, are just tools. If they can’t find one tool, they’ll find another. Only through education and a caring environment can we really have any hope of ending suicide and violence.

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    Your thinking seems sound to me. One question will always remain: How do we locate the mild mannered next door neighbor who is about to totally lose it? So often the perpetrators go into a reclusive behavior that no one realizes just before they explode. But banning guns is definitely NOT the answer. Education would help…but banning violent TV would do more…and that is never going to happen.

      Briana Blair

      You can’t always find people who are going to snap. Of course, if there was less bullshit in the world, fewer people would snap. Trying to find the people who are about to lose it is less useful than trying to keep them from getting that way in the first place.
      Banning television shows isn’t an answer at all. There have been guns and killing on TV since the days of black and white. There was killing on talk radio before that, and there has always been violence in books. It’s not the depictions of violence that are the problem so much as the fact that we’re not being taught to differentiate between real violence and fictional violence.
      People don’t take guns and shoot each other because they see guns on television. They do it because they can get guns and they’re mentally unstable due to all sorts of shit that could be prevented if we cared more about other people. If we were better to each other and more observant of each other, we could prevent a huge amount of violence.

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