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It’s Amazing What Rearranging Can Do

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Blue Arrows
Posted by / January 31, 2013 / 0 Comments

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Blue ArrowsI’ve thought about rearranging my bedroom many times, but never gotten around to it. Yesterday, for some unexplained reason, it felt like it was of vital importance to finally do it. So, I got some help, and moved the furniture around. I also cleaned up the laundry, the odd bits sitting around on the floor, and the room suddenly was like a whole new space.

I haven’t liked going into that room for quite a while, but now it seems like a great space. I was also motivated to do some other things in there. I got some fabric and made a gorgeous new altar cloth. (Which had the side-effect of me needing to learn how to use a sewing machine.) I cleaned out my altar and a few other things in the room, and reorganized more.

It’s too bad this is a rental and I can’t really do anything about the godawful fake wood wallpaper covering the wall behind the bed. (Which at least isn’t as bad as the lime green and white stripes in the office!) Aside from that though, the space is like brand new. Oh, and I also got one of those Glade plugin deals, and it smells amazing. Now when I open the door and walk into the room it’s wonderfully scented, cleaner, brighter and much more inviting. So it looks great, and feels like a good space to be in.

I think it’s cool that it also prompted me to clean up. I’m not really a messy person, but I’d gotten lazy and left some clothes lying about and not put other things where they belonged. It was nice to neaten up. On top of that, I also got the urge to clean up other places. I’ve been keeping up on the dishes more, which is getting the housemates to keep up on theirs too. My next step is to tackle the cluttered coffee table.

It’s funny how something like moving furniture around can make such a big change. I guess sometimes things just get stale and you need a change. Even if you can’t move to a new place or buy new furniture or whatever, you can still refresh your space and make it feel good again. Try it in your own space! And do not underestimate what a big difference a change of curtains or chair cover can make. Every little thing can make a space feel like a new one. And the plugin thing, wow! I never realized how much scent could make a space feel better. I even bought one for the living room where people smoke, and it’s great. Getting rid of that smell and having a fresh one is super nice.

This has all been oddly motivating too. Not only am I getting right on dishes again and wanting to tidy clutter in the living room, I’m now thinking about changing things on my desk, redecorating my office space, fixing my chair, cleaning the freezer… Heh, it’s like I got a burst of life from this. Hopefully it will last, and my newly motivated clean-streak will rub off on the rest of the folks here.

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