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Relaxing Games – What Are Your Favorites?

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Bubble Spinner
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Bubble SpinnerIn a world overflowing with games that involve shooting, killing, running, jumping, blasting and other activities that get your heart pumping and fingers cramping, it can be hard to find games that have a more mellow approach. As a matter of fact, I’m having a very hard time with it.

I didn’t think at first that it would be all that hard to find some mellow games. You know, something that has no timer and doesn’t require speedy reactions. Unfortunately, it hasn’t been easy at all. There doesn’t seem to be an actual genre for mellow games, so finding them is like finding a needle in a haystack.

I’ve been playing Bubble Spinner because it’s the only thing I could find that I could chill with. There’s no timer, no twitch, and I can play for as long as I can survive. Unfortunately, that gets old after a while. I also have Bejeweled Twist, but that too can get boring after a time. I need something different. So, I asked on FaceBook. I specifically said that I didn’t want any social games, but that’s basically all people had to suggest. I hate social games. I don’t want to have to pay or annoy friends to be able to play a game. So I started searching on Google.

I tried looking up “meditation games” which led me to a few sites that had nothing of value and one site offering a biometric feedback game that cost $399. I tried looking up “zen games”, and it seems there are tons of games that use the word zen, but few that actually deliver. Finally I looked up “relaxing games” and came upon this article, but most of the games there were far too slow and boring. So what’s a girl to do? There have to be more games out there that a person can just chill with.

I’d love to find something like FarmVille or Virtual Villagers, but the issue with those is that FarmVille is a social game and Virtual Villagers can only be played for a while, then you have to wait for things to happen. I want to be able to play for as long or as short a time as I please. There are some games for various consoles that seem to fit the bill, but I want something I can play on my laptop, preferably for free.

So my question to the world is this: What games do you chill out with? What would be your suggestion for a free, onilne, non-MMO, non-social game that is relaxing to play?

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