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Take Notes on Everything, All the Time

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Posted by / October 6, 2012 / 2 Comments

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One thing I’ve learned over the years is that if you’re creative (or even if you’re not) taking notes is really important. You never know when the next great idea is going to come to you. Some people have great memories, but not all of us do, and sometimes, your memory isn’t a great as you think it is.

I take notes all the time. I have a document I keep open on my computer in Notepad++ where I keep all my notes when I’m at my desk. There are notebooks and pens all over the house for notes when I’m not. I actually need to put another one by my bed because I used the last sheet in the one I had.

There’s no way you can know when something is going to come to you, so it’s a really good idea to keep paper and something to write with on you or near you at all times. This is especially true of creative types, You want to have something handy when that next writing idea or piece of art comes to mind. If you don’t you may lose that idea forever.

I lot of people just assume that they’ll be able to remember, but shit can happen and wipe those amazing ideas right out of your head. When that happens, you end up stressed, because something in the back of your mind keeps telling you that it was awesome and important. Don’t let that happen to you.

Another thing about taking notes is the fact that you can build on them. You jot something down, then you can look at it, think about it, and add to it. If you’re a writer you know that’s how a lot of books begin. Even as an artist, you might take a little doodle or description and turn it into an amazing piece.

Do you take a lot of notes? What’s the oddest place you’ve kept a notebook or sketch pad? What’s the weirdest place you’ve written or drawn something when you didn’t have paper?

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    Eric Peacock

    I have been known to take notes on my hand or arm in a pinch.

      Briana Blair

      Me too. The palm of your hand is a bad place though. It often either sweats off or ends up smeared on your face. Did you ever notice how you never seem to need to wipe or rub your face until there’s some kind of crap on your hand? It’s like never getting an itch in the arch of your foot until you’re laced into boots you can’t get off easily.

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