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Communication is Incredibly Important

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Posted by / July 27, 2012 / 1 Comments

CommunicationI’m being reminded right now how important communication is between people. I’m shaking like a leaf because I hate conflict and drama, but that’s what happens when people don’t or can’t talk to each other. There’s a serious communication problem in my household, and it stresses me out to no end.

People need to learn how to talk to each other, and not create an atmosphere where people are afraid to say anything to one another. One person won’t talk because the other person always cries, the other person won’t talk because they’re always seeing everything as an attack. Someone else won’t talk because they don’t want the stress, and someone else won’t talk because it never seems to do any good. It creates stress, discomfort, misunderstanding, and anything but a happy home.

I’m actually staying out of it this time and having someone else step in for me because I can’t take the stress. I’ll get hurt and angry and it’ll go badly. I’m hoping it will work out. What I wish is that we could all just talk to each other and handle things before they turn into something huge. Unfortunately my willingness doesn’t change anyone else. I can’t force other people to be willing or able. I wish I could.

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Failure to Communicate – Available at Zazzle

I’ve tried the subtle route, I’ve tried being polite and gentle, it falls on deaf ears. But I’m sick of bending to the point of breaking and not having others bend too. I’m sick of feeling like shit on a boot-heel. I just want peace and happiness in my home, and for everyone to feel equal and comfortable talking to one another.

In your own life, do all you can to keep communication open with the people around you. Try to talk out the little things before they become huge. I wouldn’t wish this kind of situation on anyone. I greatly value the people I have who are open and honest and willing to listen to what I have to say and talk about it. Everyone should be like that. Closing yourself off and refusing to discuss doesn’t help you or anyone else. Refusing to compromise is equally problematic. Talk to people. Work things out. Be honest but try not to be cruel. When things build up too long they can turn into something truly ugly.

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    Briana Blair

    As it turns out, things worked well. We’re on the road to better communication. I’m so happy about that. I think this is a good first step to there not being major issues anymore. A lot of things got figured out. So there you have it, proof that when you talk to each other things can actually get better, and hopefully stay that way.

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