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15 Ways to Make Your Spells More Successful

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We all want our spells to work out as planned, but sometimes they don’t. Today I’ll share some things with you that can amp up your spell’s magickal power and improve your chances of achieving your desires.

1: Write your own spell

There’s nothing wrong with using a spell that someone else wrote, but writing your own spells can give a serious magickal boost to your spellwork. When you write your own spell, you’re tailoring it to the way you think, feel and practice. The more personal a spell is, the more likely it is to work. Whether you write an elaborate ritual or just a simple poem, personalizing your spell by writing it yourself can be a great thing to do.

2: Use colored paper

Colors can mean a lot in magick. If part of your spell is to be written down, try using a color of paper that corresponds to your intention. For instance, green paper would be great for a wealth spell. Decorated paper can also be good. Anything that pleases you and brings more emotion to your work will increase its power.

3: Use colored candles

White candles are fantastic, and can work for any spell, but colored candles that correspond to your intention will boost your spell. Pink candles for a romance spell or purple candles for a psychic ability spell are just a couple of examples. You can also carve symbols or words into your candle for an additional boost.

4: Incense

Incense can be a powerful addition to your spellwork. You can use incense that corresponds to your desire, or use one that just puts you in the right mood for the kind of work that you’re doing.

5: Add herbs

Most witches know that herbs are amazing, and they can do wonders for a spell. You can use herbs by burning them, placing them in an offering bowl, putting them into a poppet or any number of other ways.

6: Add gemstones

Like herbs, gemstones can add a lot of power to a spell and increase its chances of success. You don’t have to have big, expensive pieces of gemstone either. Even small chips can focus a lot of magickal energy.

7: Clothing colors

A lot of folks don’t realize that their clothing colors can be a way to give a boost to their spellwork. Wearing a color that corresponds to your desire can help during the spell itself, and you can keep wearing the clothes throughout the day to keep that energy with you.

8: Jewelry

You jewelry can add to your spell in a couple of ways. If you like, you can wear jewelry that features magickal symbols to aid you in your work. It can also be a way to incorporate gemstones or colors into your ritual without using them as ingredients.

9: Moon phase

Not everyone takes the phases of the moon into consideration when performing a magick spell, but if it’s something that feels right for you, it can be a superb way to get more universal energy on your side while you’re casting.

10: Day of the week

Like the moon phase, the days of the week can have an influence on your work. If you really want to increase the chances of your spell working out for you, you may want to consider if there’s a particular day of the week that’s best suited for the focus of your spell.

11: Time

Time of day can have an effect on your spellwork. Some spells work better during the day than at night. A lot of this is personal preference though. Choose a time of day when you feel most comfortable working no whatever you’ve set out to achieve.

12: Deities

If you follow specific deities, bringing their energy into your spellwork can make a huge difference. You may choose to connect to a deity that specializes in whatever it is you’re casting the spell for, or just one that you feel a connection to. Opening yourself to the Higher Power(s) can really give you a boost when casting.

13: Type of ritual

The type of ritual you perform can have an effect on its outcome. Some things are better done simply, while others benefit from greater ritual. In the end though, you should do whatever feels right for you. If you feel that manifesting the desire should be simple, use a quick spell. If you think it deserves a great deal of time and focus, then do something more befitting of that feeling.

14: Emotion

Emotion may be one of the most important things to take into consideration when doing spellwork. You want to be in the right emotional state before casting. If you’re cranky, tired, or angry, it can have a negative effect on your spell. Try to take some time to get yourself into the right mental and emotional space before you start your ritual or spellwork.

15: Location

Where you cast a spell can mean just as much as when and how. Some things are better done in a closed room, some are best outdoors, and some may even work best in a particular room like the kitchen or bathroom. Take some time to think about the place that corresponds best to your work, or at least the place where you’ll feel the most comfortable while practicing.

I hope these tips help you to achieve your spellwork goals and give you some great ideas for making spells that truly work for you. If you have any tips for making spells work their very best, feel free to share in the comments.

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Briana Blair

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