101 Weird And Disturbing Animal Facts - Briana Blair - BrianaDragon Creations

101 Weird And Disturbing Animal Facts

101 Weird and Disturbing Animal Facts by Briana Blair - Nature Ebook


I love weird animal facts, and over the years my head has been getting filled with them. I decided that it would be fun to share some of them with you. You’ll learn facts about amazing animals like the zyzzyva, bonobo, paper nautilis, hoopoe and many more. You’ll also find out some wild things you never knew about animals you may have thought were common and boring! During the writing of this I’ve blown the minds of my family with some of the crazy but true things I’ve learned. So have fun with this and be sure to share the knowledge.


108 Pages – Full color images

This book contains information about animal mating habits and may not be suitable for children.


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