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Dirty Stash Fall Apple Soy Melt Review

In my most recent package from Dirty Stash she included a free sample of her Fall Apple Soy Melts. There were two cubes in a little baggie. I always love getting free samples from her, they’re almost always something great. I gave the baggie a sniff when I found them

One of My Favorite Games: Crimsonland

Crimsonland is a small and straightforward game. You’re a little guy with a gun and you’re killing aliens. I’ve been playing this game for years, and I still enjoy it. There’s no actual storyline to the game, but it’s still fun. When you start off you’re given 50 missions to

IQ Natural Mineral Makeup Review

I am completely in love with my mineral makeup, so here’s a review of the brand I’ve been buying. Name: IQ Natural medium sample kit with 5 piece brush set What you get: Setting powder, bisque concealer, 2 foundations, bronzer, 2 blushes and 2 eyeshadows Price comparison: The sample kit

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