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I Taught My Bird the Best Command Ever!

Most good pet owners will teach their bird a few little commands such as “up”, “perch”, or “swing”. I’m a good pet owner, but by no means a normal one. being the oddball that I am (And Stoli is just like his mama in that regard) I taught my bird

Stoli Cockatiel Bird - Image: © Briana Blair

Having Conversations With the Bird

Sometimes I think I might be a little bit crazy. Or weird. Or maybe both. Okay, there’s no thinking, I know I am. But some days I feel a little bit crazier and weirder than others. Stoli, my Lutino Cockatiel loves people time. He loves being picked up and hanging

cat freaky wide eyed Image: Public Domain, Pixabay

LOLcats Were Funnier Without Photoshop

I used to love going to LOLcats and ICanHazCheezburger. The photos of animals doing funny stuff with funny captions was a great way to lift my mood. I still go to them sometimes, but a lot of the images just aren’t funny anymore. Why aren’t they funny? One of the

Cat Jynx Animal - Image: © Briana Blair 2013

Why Do Cats Stare At Nothing?

You’ve seen it before: There’s your cat, sitting on the floor or a piece of furniture, rapt attention on absolutely nothing. Being human and wondering what’s up, you position yourself to try to view the same spot as the cat. Is there a bug? Is there a ghost? Is it

Cat Jynx Animal - Image: © Briana Blair 2013

Psychic Inconvenience Kitty Strikes Again

Cats are psychic. They must be. it’s their gift. They know the absolute worst time for anything. You’ve just settled down with a book, your crocheting or something that requires your attention. Somehow your cat who was dead asleep three rooms away knows this and is magically in your lap,

Stealth and Anti-Gravity Modes in House Cats

Cats are awesome. They’re cute and lovable and sometimes funny as all heck. They’re also tricky li’l buggers too. Enter Stealth Mode: This is the mode where, even though your cat has both a bell and a tag on their collar, they somehow manage to move around the house without

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